Arber Technologies believes that knowledge is that ladder through which we would be able to touch the heights of the success in the era of globalization and technology. Keeping this in our view, we have set our vision. Our company’s vision is “To become the global leader in the IT sector and to enhance all the capabilities of the organization to meet out its goals & objectives in the era of globalization as well.”

To throw out the vision into action, Arber Technologies has a very proficient management people at various levels which always seek for the betterment of Arber Technologies and its resources.

Chairman (Mr. Ashok Agarwal)

The chairman of the company Mr. Ashok Agarwal is a renowned businessman in the field of the real estate market of Jaipur. He is the chairman and the managing director of shree ram group and earned a great reputation in this field. Presently he is also a president of TODAR (Township Development Association of Rajasthan) and extended his vast knowledge in formation of various rules and regulations which is beneficial for both township developers and the government. Now he has diversified his interest in the field of information technology and established Arber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The company will excel in this field under his business acumen and leadership.

Managing Director (Mr. Aashish Agarwal)

The managing director of the Arber Technologies Pvt. Ltd is Mr. Aashish Agarwal. He is a young, energetic and enthusiastic person with great business acumen at this tender age. He has a vision to provide best IT solutions to cater the need of each individual client. His firm determination and able leadership qualities will touch the new horizons in the field of Information Technology.

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